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Default Garage Studio Safety/Practicality Questions

Hi everyone!

I'm totally new to all this. I posted a question in the "ventilation" forum but I want to make sure I've covered all my safety/electricity concerns etc... I want to apologize if any of these questions have already been asked!

So I'll be setting up in my garage. I'm going to be working with boro: pendants, jars, shot glasses and maybe some pipes... I've got a table and a torch (national 8m). It's right by a window but I'm thinking a fan probably won't be adequate ventilation (unless maybe i mount it right onto the window?) i'll probably have to install some kind of hood/duct system going out the window? any ideas from the pics i've posted of how i can accomplish this?

Second, there's a water heater in the garage and I believe it runs of propane. I'll be keeping the tanks separate and chained to the opposite wall. Any issues there?

Also, this house was built in the '50's and the electricity has never been re-wired. It runs on 120 volts. The kiln I'm getting is a Jen-Ken Analog 11 X 11 X 9 Kiln With 4in Flip Door. It runs on 120 Volts. Will running this along with a high CFM fan be a problem? Do I have to worry about fumes from the kiln?

*Takes deep breath.... One more question. It gets cold in the winter. Will I have to take the glass inside to store it? Can I work in 20 degree weather? Will adding a space heater to the mix be too much for the electrical system to handle.

I think that about covers it! Hope I wasn't too long-winded. TY! glad to be part of the forum!
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