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I just purchased one of these H2s from ABR and it's an awesome burner. It is more commonly known as The Maya. I use a 150lb compressor tank and set the regulator at 10# pressure. You don't need a compressor only to fill the tank. Without the compressed air the high fire burns dirty and without any pressure. Dial in the air and it burns powerful and hot. The low fire burns hot but it's premix so it's noisy. Sounds like a jet engine. If you don't mind the noise it's ok. With This burner you can make anything. It's industrial strength. It has a 40mm face and will melt 50mm extra heavy wall like butter. At the price of $750.00 it's a steal believe me. Great for making Large paperweights 3" and 4" and marbles which is what I bought it for. Large vessals should be possible too. I will never have to buy another torch.

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