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Originally Posted by Lisi View Post

Everyone needs to remember that Devardi is relatively new on the market, and they know it's a pretty big one. Don't you see that this would be every reason in the world for the company to work hard and continuously to improve their product? I'm going to be patient and see how this goes.

Devardi is not really new on the market. It's been here before.

Here is a quote from a post from 2002. "It's cheap glass, made in India and is full of bubbles, explodes easily and frequently, and devitrifies when you look at it. It seemed like a good idea when I wanted to start out, because it was cheap, but IF it was a good idea it was because it takes a huge amount of perseverence to stick with lampworking when the glass is as tough to work with as this stuff is. Search the archives and you'll find out more than you want to know. Some of the stuff actually has little impurities (I believe someone once referred to them as small stones) in the rods. Like I said earlier, the rods actually had a greasy, oily feel to them when I dug them out this past weekend."

Another one from 2002.
Q.I got some glass rods from India. They are soft (though very shocky). Has anyone used glass from India, and if so, approximately what COE do you think it was?
A. the COE is *approximately* 104. They are *supposed* to be compatible with Moretti. However, you can take that with a large grain of salt. I have some (bought a sampler when they hit the scene).....I still have almost all of it. It's just too much of a pain to work with. Sure, it costs less, but it's no savings when it goes flying about the room or cracks, or some of the other evil things it does (just my not so humble opinion).

I could go on, but I won't. Sounds like it has improved since 2002 though.

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