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Do they make much noise? I really enjoy not having alot of loud noise when making beads. Are certain brands quieter than others?
They are pretty quite. but some brands do make more noise then others. they tend to sound like and old refrigerater or a big fish tank air pump running. So its not too much louder then things that others have in there living spaces in there house going 24 hours a day.

I have a Minor Burner, and hope to upgrade soon to a Major Burner, or ??. How do I find out the output of a used concentrator...and whether it will run my torch?
A good one should run a minor no problem. but a major will be cutting it close even with 2 hooked together because of the low pressure they put out.

What is the most cost effective way to get an O2 concentrator? Are the rebuilt ones just as good? Does anyone out there use a rebuilt concentrator and who did you get it from?
Almost all of the used 1 come as "rebuilt" tho I highly dought many actallty are rebuilt, inless spining back the hours meter is considered a rebuild. any that are really rebuilt have a $13 bearing in the compressor replaced and filters and thats it. some times the sieave beds are vacummed to repleanish the zeolite in the seive beds if they get moister in them.

Quote: it complicated to take a used concentrator that was used for medical purposes and convert it for torch use? Is there a safety issue?
Nope it needs no conversion. just hook up your o2 hose and you are ready to go. No saftly issue sence you are not going to be breathing the o2 so even if purity is low or you have dirty filters you torch will not get sick from the o2 if its not up to medical standards.

Do you have any recommendations or warnings before I invest in this? Is it simply better to buy from a known vendor? Who do you recommend?
more or less no it does not matter who you get it from and a dealer might be more apt to blow smoke up ones butt when buying one then. if you find one that some one is selling cause grandma kicked the bucket. You might be even better off. Sence most places that sell em as rebuilt but for glass blowing would not have the slightest ideal how to rebuild them. cause if they did they would know there is not much to rebuild in them and if they are not for medical use there is no need to rebuild them. Also it don't take a brain surgen to figure out that no one in there right mind thats in biz of selling these would spend the $ to have one rebuilt and bought back up to full medical specs then go turn around and sell it for non medical use. If one was truly rebuilt they would sell it as a medical use one for a lot more $$ as long as you find one with only a few thousand hours on it or less you should be all ok.

Quote: final question...are they just as easy to hook up as my O2 tank?
even easier. there is no regulator. the hose just hooks up to the o2 outlet.
and its stays there so you never need to take it off and put it back on to change tanks.

BTW are you the handy type or do you have a hubby or hany man at your disposal? If so there are some good tweeks on can do to a used medical o2 gen to make em work much better for glass blowing. but they all involve going inside it and making some changes.
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