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Default recycled glass question

Does anyone have an opinion whether this is a true statement? This was a facebook listing for a bead:

Up Cycled HEART of WISHES Focal ~ Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle glass in aquamarine and cobalt amethyst Corralejo Tequila bottle glass mixed with fine .999 silver for gorgeous reactions, fine silver droplets across the surface...
Created by me, in my studio, in Todos Santos BCS Mexico.
With over 10 years of bead making experience, all of my beads are Properly kiln annealed, and professionally cleaned and shipped.
*You will receive the exact beads in the photo.
*Payment is due within 24 hr of auction end.
Shipping from Baja Sur Mexico. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
Thank you for supporting Handmade.

I asked whether the glass from these two bottles were compatible and this is the response I got:

as long as you don't try to encase them and just lay them side by side.

Is this true? It was a really pretty bead but I can't see how this is a true statement.
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