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Originally Posted by Speedslug View Post
You once posted an image of your book shelf of glass chemistry books and I was thinking that a faded picture of that would be a good background to the printed word on your home page.

You might also try white lettering.
I read somewhere that the optics with black lettering cause the image to blur and that white lettering optics makes it seem to be a larger font to the brain.
LOL on the white lettering. I started with white on a dark background, like my site, but changed it because I have heard exactly the opposite - that black on a light background reads better. It was a graphic designer who told me that. So who knows? It's possible (probable?) that different people will have different reactions to white on dark or black on light.

I really like the idea of a photo of my bookshelf as a background image. I was trying to think of an image to use and that sounds like a good one.

Emery, you certainly make a good point that I need to consider the way things look on a phone or other mobile device. I personally hate to access the internet on anything smaller than a laptop computer, and never do, so the font readability on a phone is something I hadn't considered.

Val, I agree with most of your criticisms, especially the "1990s look", lol. That's a pretty good assessment of where my website design and HTML skills are still mired. But it's also what I personally like - as beckd said, "basic -easy to use -and to the point". I've spent too many years in too many places that had garbage internet connections to be comfortable with a graphics intensive, slow loading site. (And I'm just lazy too.)

I actually did try to find and use a website builder initially, but found it too time consuming, so just fell back to doing a quick conversion of my other website instead. I certainly won't try and argue that the site looks as good as it could. Perhaps I'll try to transition into the modern world when I have more time. I was loading the first website I built over a 2400 (maybe even 1200) baud modem, so maybe it's time to lose a few of my old prejudices on slow loads. But even now, I still have crap internet, so I like to keep things simple.

The deer/motorcycle comment is on there since most of my potential customers and other people I know are aware of my motorcycle accident a couple of years ago, and that it kept me from making glass for a long time. I'm not sure how many know that I am now making glass again. It's also there as a warning to any potential wholesale buyers that I might have some production/supply issues if they want to place a very large order. (Although these days it would be my Dollywood job interfering with production more than the aftermath of my motorcycle accident.) But point taken. I'll may drop that from the main page in one of the newer versions.

And I agree with your comment on the Sharpie completely. I used it for two reasons. One, virtually everyone knows how big a Sharpie is, so it's a good reference point for the size of the penholders. And two, I don't own any good looking pens to use for a photograph. I like nice pens, but am far too prone to losing things to own any good looking ones. But maybe I'll try to hunt one down just for some better photos. It would definitely look nicer than the Sharpie.

And speaking of better photos, thanks for your compliment on mine. Trying to photograph the penholders with the metallic surface is an absolute nightmare. I finally had to just set up outside in natural sunlight to get anything close to useable. Photographing the other ones is a lot easier.

Thanks very much to everyone for the comments and criticisms. They have been helpful.

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