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Aye, I commiserate with you in trying to work this out.

For what it's worth, the image that flashed in my brain to start with was of one shelf, probably not even 3/4 of the full width, extremely faded and almost washed out to a water mark with lettering over that.

I get it that 'designing web pages' and 'marketing' stuff is a full time job even for those that have spent half a decade studying the field in college with professors that know what they are doing.

Which is why you don't see me selling anything besides my 'charming wit'.
There isn't much of a market for anything else of mine at present and I refuse to run for elected office because I am afraid I might actually wind up with a job and that is a four letter word to me these days.

Stay safe and stay as sane as the law will allow.
We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other.
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