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Thanks Val. All of those are good observations/suggestions. One or two I've thought of but just haven't had tine to address yet due to other distractions (color menu without examples of corresponding colors and the unfinished photos page, for example).

I also did consider moving the rainbow metallic and agate penholders up on the page, but decided to put them in their current order because that is also the order of their likely availability. I normally have more of the clear/colored ones available at any given time, and if I run out while I'm at my seasonal Dollywood job I can rent time in a local glass shop to make more. (Dollywood doesn't allow us to make outside work there.)

The other two styles I only make in my own shop since the base glass is a color melt, much of which is silver glass. But I did take your suggestion and move the rainbow ones to the top of the page. I have a lot of them in stock at the moment since I made a bunch recently, so unless I get a large wholesale order I'm unlikely to run out soon.

As much as I like the agate glass penholders, they are the most difficult to sell online because of the wide variations in color, and the limited number I have at any time, so I'll keep them last on the page, in spite of the fact that they are my personal favorites.

I've changed the contact page to replace MSN and Yahoo with Gmail and Hotmail accounts. That probably isn't what you meant by the "1990s" look of that line, but I do sometimes run into messages getting blocked due to spam filters of the large email providers. And I've had a few people that I know of (and probably more that I never heard about) think I was simply ignoring them when they didn't receive a reply to an inquiry.

Regarding the Specials and Photos pages - the specials page isn't under construction, there simply aren't any specials at the moment. But I think it's best to leave the link (and page) online so people know that there may occasionally be specials. I agree that I probably shouldn't have had a menu link to the Photos page until there was actually something there. However, I should have some photos on it within the next couple of days, so removing it now is somewhat counterproductive. But point taken.

Thanks for your observations and suggestions. I appreciate it.


Originally Posted by Val Cox View Post
I'm so glad you changed the script text on the supporting pages, it's much easier to read now!

On the first listing you have a drop down menu listing colors, but it's not clear which is which. For example you list white as an option, but I don't see a white one. I think the next two listings with the agate and metallic holders are much more interesting. (beautiful!!) Can you put those first, and have the blue ones below?

Also, you have two links under construction, Photos and Specials. They aren't active, can you hide those tabs until something is there?

On your Contact page, your first line (If you have a Yahoo, MSN, or other free e-mail account and you make an inquiry...) umm, that's going right back to the 1990s again...that shouldn't really be an issue these days, do you think?

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