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Default Bad muffle in Paragon SC2 Kiln?

I bought my Paragon SC2 bead in kiln about 5 years ago. Last summer the element burned out and I had to replace the entire liner (the "muffle"). This cost about $400. Less than 10 months later I have the same problem and will have to replace the muffle again.

It's not as if I overheat the kiln, which was made for PMC and enameling. I've never heated it above 1050 degrees. I lined the bottom of the kiln with fiber paper - neither glass nor kiln wash has ever been allowed to touch the surface of the muffle.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm trying to decide whether to invest another $400 to fix it, or give up and buy a different kiln. I don't want to be doing this for the THIRD time next summer...

I should have re-posted here after I had my kiln repaired. The second problem was not another element break. The relay had gone bad. I've been given to understand that glass kilns are very hard on relays with the constant clicking on and off. The replacement muffle I had installed in 2011 is still working fine as of March 2015.

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