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Default Uroboros Cotton Candy pink frit

I just got a little bag of it from Howaco Glass, and I'm going to try layering it a few times over white to see if it gives me a pale pink bead. I must try that because I'm a little sad because they don't have this pretty pale pink opal color in rod form. Uroboros makes the Cotton Candy Grape, so why not the pink?? The purples in that tone as well as the pink are the ones that are expensive to make because of the gold used to manufacture them.

These colors:

Neon Orchid - transparent
Cotton Candy Grape - opal
Urobium Pink - transparent

Since they make the Urobium Pink in rod form, I don't know why they haven't bothered to pull Cotton Candy Pink into rods. Unless it's a whole lot more expensive to make than the Neon Orchid?? The pink is pretty pale too, so it's not like they are going to be using more gold than they probably do for the Urobium.

So many questions I must get answers for. Maybe I over-analyze everything, but then maybe I should give Uroboros a call. I can think of quite a few suggestions beside the pink. I want Adobe (an old discontinued sheet glass) in rod form!
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