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Unhappy Question from a neophyte beadmaker

I just started making beads a few months ago using a Hothead torch and MAPP fuel in the 14 oz canisters. I have had it with my canister getting cold and my torch going out in the middle of a bead, and really, really want to move up to a better torch. I know I need oxygen and propane, and a ventilation system and am feeling very overwhelmed by all the information out there on these subjects. I am working in my garage right now with an open window beside me. This is not adequate, I realize. My question is - who can I hire to help me set up a good ventilation system? Do I contact an HVAC person? Also, what is a good beginner torch? Is it better to have an oxygen tank(s) or concentrator? I know these are a lot of ?s with probably long answers. The most important one for right now is about the ventilation. I have read about it but my eyes pretty quickly glaze over.
Thanks for any advice.
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