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Well, an HVAC person might know about this ventilation safety stuff, but I would be inclined to take some doughnuts down to the local Fire House and see if there was some one there that could give your house a safety inspection AND maybe have a conversation about your new addiction.

Small town code enforcement inspectors can probably give you some advice as well.

There really is a ton of detailed conversations here in the safety thread and a lot of "show and tell" in the studio thread as well.

Use the search this thread function just above the first post in the tread for words like barley box, garage, make up air, ventilation, cfm* ( you need to put an asterisk * at the end of 3 letter words to get the search thing to work.

And please don't let anything you read tell you that anything less than 850 cfm is safe and remember that bathroom fans { and a lot of green house fans} over state how much air volume they move.
They tend to make up their own testing methods that can prove a battery run fans qualifies as a hurricane.

Oh and you want the out put of your vent system to be at least 10 feet from where your make up air comes in.
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