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I don't remember anything in particular in my reading of the ideas here in LE.

I would think it is going to be very dependent on what your definition of acceptable appearance is going to be. Eyesore is a rather broad description of what you want to stay away from.

There are various ways of "hiding" the plumbing and fake rocks is the first thing that jumps to my mind followed closely by the proper placement of shrubbery.

I would have to see for myself the building you have to suggest anything more specific.

You could have the piping come through the wall and then downward with a pipe that runs to just a few inches under the dirt and ends there.
This last section could be removed and replaced with working piping when you want to hook up the connection to go to the torch where ever you have it and then when you want to disconnect it you would put this fake piping back into the dirt and no one would ever know that it stops just under the dirt.

You could even hide it inside one of those large ( 3 inch ) electrical conduit elbows that have the cover plate on the corner, again with the conduit running down under the dirt. You would just loosen the cover plate when you wanted to connect and put it back in place when you disconnected.
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