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Default New/used!

I have been gifted a used oxycon.

It has been in storage for 5 years, it looks pretty grimey. I really have no idea where to start about cleaning, checking, and hooking up.
I am running a Bethleham Alpha torch and only use soft glass, if that helps.

The oxycon labels are Respironics and Everflo.
The little numbers on the side are 2504.8? The last number in red is hard to read. I am assuming that is the number of hours used? Is that good/bad?

Ok, all you experts.....Now what do I do? I know I need to clean and/or replace the filters, right? How do I hook up? I've read about a "christmas tree adapter" to connect the torch hose to the oxycon.

Then what do I need to set the oxygen flow? 5? How do I know if it is enough?
Remedial lessons are needed.....

Thanks in advance


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