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In that case, you may want to buy a hand torch/bunsen combo. Sealing tubing to tubing will be easiest with a hand torch and the bunsen will extend your working time. A National 3B-B torch with a few tips and a stand, an Eisco meker burner, and required hoses/fittings is a fantastic start for around $300. Plus, all easily resold. Regulators will run you about $200 for a set. So, your torch set up can be had for $500, not too bad.

Quick question:
How are you annealing finished work?... or in other words, how are you keeping internal stresses in the acceptable range? (to ensure fatigue from vacuum cycles does not lead to failure of a joint)

Btw, I had the same issue with The Melting Pot. No way to sign up, communicate, or anything.

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