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Another thought is that graphite has dozens of various grades and can come in some really poor qualities that would take a good deal of self educating to get knowledgeable on.

Brass only comes in three or four formulations and so can be relied on for getting what you are paying for.

We do have several commercial vendors here that can be depended on here on the LE forum that produce high quality graphite tools.

Graphite is made from carbon and can burn off if exposed to direct flame and is also subject to some wear over time.
Brass has much less of a problem with wear.

Using molds of any sort is going to involve learning heat control in glass and it must also be remembered that molds are more effectively used to 'guide' glass when it is hot enough to be in a plastic state and less as a method of 'forcing' the glass into a form like a glass bottling plant or a molten glass 'hot shop' where liquefied glass is kept in a kiln.
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