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Originally Posted by KJohn View Post
Thanks for posting pics, love everything you've done! How great to be able to set up your own space the way you want it.

P.S. What are those rods along the wall to the right of your jewelry bench. My first thought was dipped mandrels but they look awfully big so I'm probably wrong
They are dipped mandrels, I make some very large hole beads for leather stringing and I have 1/4 and 1/2 in mandrels over there. Proud to say I made those big block of wood holders myself! LOL

Originally Posted by AVTrout View Post
I think they are dipped mandrels! I've moved studio's numerous times, and I always get impatient and dip my mandrels so that I'm ready to go as soon as my installation tech (my husband) deems the job done and steps out of the area!
Yep! Some big ol mandrels..

Originally Posted by AVTrout View Post
Lorraine, I am also getting a shed to setup a studio in. It'll be 6x6 or 6x8. Just a lil guy. I'm wondering on your exhaust system, what you decided to use for a fan/blower and what CFM you chose.
Oh how exciting for you...Small works out well for heating and cooling and just plain cozy feeling but it does take more design work.

The exhaust system will be vented overhead to the vent in the wall above the tool chest. I will add more pics this evening for you. I am using what I had set up before and you can see that in my horse trailer thread.

This time it will be mounted on a frame outside the studio because it was just noisy! I am bringing in fresh air from the outside to the under side of the back of the torch bench. Before hubby sheet rocked he added a small framed in area in the wall near the floor with electrical switch up high in my reach for an intake fan. It is 3 speed high cfms to match the exhaust fan.

I am also putting the tanked fuels on the outside right where the torch bench wall is and piping it all in with safety valves on the inside and the outside. I will put a small chain link dog kennel around the tanks and over it with shade cloth to try to hide them and have them locked in.

Our BBQ is on the back side of the studio too so that will look natural to see a tank out there. Everyone here is meth lab terrified and rightly so, I don't need a visit from a truck full of swat team members storming the property!!!

So much left to do, but it will be worth it. I will get some pics up tonight.

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