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Default Making A Fish Sculpture or Pendant Using a Texture Masher

Making A Fish Sculpture or Pendant Using a Texture Masher

Materials Needed:
Cobalt or Clear 1/2" rod
Clear 4mm rod
Amazon Lagoon, Butterscotch or Caramel Rod
Texture Masher Tool
Tweezers, Tongs or Hemostats
Knife Edged Tool

1. Heat & condense a 1/2" by 1" gather of cobalt. Crimp the gather with mashing tool. A dark color works well to show off the silver but using clear will produce a transparent fish with visible ribs.

2. Fume with silver and then rake the mashed design with 4mm clear rod. Rake at a right angle to the ridges until completely encased.

3. Apply enough heat to make surface smooth and pull into desired fish body shape.

4. Use Amazon Lagoon, Butterscotch or Caramel as a punty. Attach to future location of the fish's lips. Separate the fish from the cobalt rod.

5. Wipe on a bead of cobalt where the fins should be. Crimp cobalt with mashing tool and use a stringer or 4mm rod to pull the fins into a more graceful shape. Add eyes (milis work best). Hold body securely with prewarmed tongs or tweezers and remove punty off mouth, leaving a small amount. Heat that amount and make the lip shape by pressing into it with a knife edged tool.

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