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Default workshop setup

Hi. Don't know if I am freaking out or just paranoid but want to make sure everything is safe.
There is this space (sort of like a closet, four feet x eight feet ) that I would like to set up to work in. I understand everything about running pipe into the house and ventilation but what about while I am working and glass starts to fly around my work space..
I took a metal office desk (4 feet wide) which just fits in against the wall and there would be about 4 feet of space behind me while I work at desk.. I built a section with 3 sides and an enclosed top (with fan for ventilation) with sheet metal everywhere, that sits on top of the desk so the sides/back/top are enclosed so no glass can burn or fly out except past me when working.
There is sheetrock on the walls of the room and cushion floor on floor. It doesn't really matter if the glass melts onto the cushion floor but what worries me is when the glass lands, what can it do?... will it just start to melt and cool down fast or will it burst into flames if I don't see it or find it fast enough?. I was thinking about putting a section of hard rubber on the floor and not worry about burn spots. Didn't want to lay ceramic tile but if have no choice then so be it.
Guess I am just worried about turning around and everything is up in flames. I'm sure my beloved spouse would not enjoy that and I would be sleeping with the dog on the sofa for a long time ( then again the dog may abandon me also).
Any and all info would be greatly appreciated concerning (the dangers of how hot and flammable is the glass going to be) and what would be best for me to do in this situation.
TY, Blessed Be
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