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I picked up a few sheets of ductwork metal from my local heating and ventilation company a few years back for $18 each for a 3 by 10 foot piece.

You could get them to cut it to any specific sizes and just lay them on the floor over lapping the edges a few inches to cover something like a 5 or 6 foot radius around you.

Take a file to all the edges for a slight round over because you know how sharp attracts human blood like a magnet.

But you could section them up into 3 by 5 foot sections and then you could stash them behind the desk when you aren't torching and lay them out when you want to light up.

I pulled up some long over due carpet in my old mud room and put down tile myself so this is just thinking out loud here.

Frit on a stick usually pops before you get much of it hot but there is always the one that cracks off with a good sized gather of molten glass on it that seems like it really wants to get China through your floor.

But it is the ones that get air born and that then disappear on you that you really want to prepare for.

Another thought is that insurance companies will look for any excuse to deny a fire claim and not doing every single thing you can think of to make this hobby as safe as humanly possible is going to be the real determination of "have you done enough".

Insurance companies have been know to deny and electrical fire claim in a bedroom because there was something unsafe done in the kitchen.
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