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First off boro is going to be much brighter/whiter than soft soda lime glass in the flame.
The yellow flare in soft glass is from the soda burning but since boro replaces soda in the glass mix you aren't going to get the same colors.

( Please don't look at either flare without proper eye protection. It doesn't take long to ruin your eyes for ever. Don't let others watch you work without it either. )

Second, oxycons will drop purity levels when you turn the output all the way to the max.
Best to run oxycons at 4.5 on a 5 LPM machine, 9 on a 10 LPM and 13 on a 15 LPM.

Even then oxycons only deliver 96 to 97 % purity at the best of times while tanked O2 from welding shops can give you 99% but you pay serious $$$ for the privilege.
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