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Originally Posted by Meezermom View Post
Thanks much again for the info. I already ordered the electric mandrel spinner. I am a radiologist and use a mouse all day long to look at scans, so I already have some wrist pain.
So an HVAC person should know about this safety stuff, right? BTW I live near Pittsburgh if you might happen to know of any resources in my area. Thanks again!
I don't know that an HVAC person will know any specifics about lampwork ventilation, but they should know how to plumb it with a fan that meets your specifications, point it where you want it to go and move fumes outside, and then tell you how to get your makeup air. There are, as said, a lot of threads on how to calculate your ventilation needs. Your room size is a start, and read these with the understanding that you are not going to be using a huge hot torch. But makeup air is just as critical as moving out fumes.
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