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Originally Posted by Carolyn M View Post
I haven't used this glass, so I have no opinions on it.

I would like to relate my experiences with other 'problem' glass though. I had a batch of Diamond Clear that cracked. Abe offered to replace it, but I declined as I had only bought 1/2 lb. I also bought some TAG clear that looked liked seeded glass when worked on my Cricket. Fine on a Minor though??? Anyway, Jenny offered to replace it or give me glass in exchange. My point is that both manufacturers were extremely ready to admit there may have been problems with the glass, and offered to make it good. Devardi responds to criticism by insulting and undermining the skills of the beadmaker posting the problem.

For that reason I will probably not buy any Devardi, even though I would love to try some of their colours. I only like to do business with respectful vendors who's attitude (in public) is one of 'the customer is always right'
Personally, I tend to allow vendors a mistake or two in their public dealings. Shortly after TAM came about, even Mike Frantz showed his hind end in public on there, about dealings with a customer. Quite a few people have shown a not so pretty side of themselves in one way or another. I like to see if it's a continuing manner of behavior or a short term action. If it doesn't happen again, I consider it being human and move on unless it really offended me personally.

I read the original threads. It wouldn't matter if Natasha and Daniel had pulled their posts or not, they would have been deleted when all the threads merged and came into the Tips and techniques thread below. There was a lot of nastiness going around in those posts-not just from Natasha and Daniel. They didn't handle it well. Personally, I could see responding the way they did. They did remove themselves from acting that way again, and I haven't seen them post in such a way again.

When I've emailed with them, they respond promptly and answer every question nicely. They haven't behaved poorly in public again. I like their glass. I think the colors are unlike what I see in some of the COE 104 lines available, and at the price, I think they are a good deal. I don't think they are any harder to work with than some of the more temperamental 104 glass already out there.
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