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Hi Rowyn,

The specific color beads signify procedures that the kids go through -- needle pokes, overnight stay in the hospital, spinal taps, etc. These beads are glass but are not artist made. Beads of Courage buys them by the bag -- the kids simply "earn" too many for us to make them! It makes the Act of Courage Beads all the more special for the kids.

Artist beads are used Act of Courage Beads. They are given for particularly challenging things. Emma (the girl that I met with) had over 26 FEET of procedural beads and about 15 Act of Courage Beads. The Act of Courage Beads are very important to the kids. Emma said tht her most treasured Act of Courage Bead was given to her when her friend (who also had leukemia) passed away, in rememberance of him.
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