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Originally Posted by FosterFire View Post
Whoa!! Breathing that stuff can be very dangerous. Please do not try to melt it.

Oh dear, that's just what I was planning. !

I have got super overkill ventilation that is on an adjustable switch. On low for general stuff but when I turn it up for powder, metal etc its like a jet engine and blows the squirrels out of the trees!!! Its an ex-hydroponics fan from a weed farm, and stank when I first got it. Its all boxed in MDF to reduce the noise, and is in the shed next door to mine, yet still sounds like its about to take off on max speed. I did all the detailed calculations when I set up and even on its lowest speed, its more than I need. So, that on max with a respirator should be fine. I am hoping someone, somewhere, has also tried melting this stuff, and how they got on.
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