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Default Yet another ventilation question (sorry)

While I really, really don't want to work in my garage, I think it may be the only place I can set up I'm trying to think of adequate ventilation. I will only be working with recycled and soft glass, if that matters, using a Bethlehem Alpha. Plan is to run the propane out of garage door #1, which I can leave open a foot or two. There is one window, located behind an open storage shelf (say 3 feet wide) that CANNOT be moved. If I set a good box fan in that window on the shelves and set my torch on a table in front of the shelves, with the partially open garage behind me...will that do it?

This is just a hobby for me folks. I'm talking an occasional hour or two a week, not all day at the torch. Thoughts?

Below is a (not to scale) diagram. Red rectangle as the torch table.

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