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Originally Posted by Dasi View Post
I own a Mini CC I use rarely when I do figures. The knobs get to hot while using the torch. Sometimes it burns a little turning off the torch. I love my Beth torches and my GTT torches! I think the Alpha is the best intro torch!
I've never had the problems with radiant heat being uncomfortable or knobs getting hot with the Mini CC. It and the Minor can get a smaller neutral/reducing flame without glowing ports than any other torches I've tried (I've never found a flame that makes its ports glow, and I tried).

I like all of the torches I've tried. I used to dislike the Minor, but it's grown on me, too. The Alpha is an easy pick for a general-use beginner torch. For a teaching studio, I might get Mini CC's or Minors (probably Minors, because it's easier to see and direct where their heat is going), just because, to my knowledge, there's no flame you can run on them that will mess them up.

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