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Default Pros and Cons of 4 types of ventilation setups? (see pics)

What are the pros and cons of these 4 ventilation setups? See the photos below.

1- barley box
2- large overhead commercial hood
3- homemade hood with back apron
4- repurposed stove fan (w high CFM fan inside)

Specifically for me, I hope someone can help me decide between doing #3 and #4. A barley box would be in the way of my porta cana and the way I work, and the large hood would be too expensive (and there is no one handy in my life to help me).

Again, in my case I will have a Lucio torch and a 900 and some CFM inline fan, mounted a few feet up right over my desk, in a window.

Please, share your thoughts, experience, expertise and opinions! Thank you.

P.S. Thanks and apologies to anyone whose actual studio I might have grabbed - I just found these as examples on the open internet.
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