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I have a Tuff shed Saltbox style 8 X 14. Here is how we finished it after it was installed.

Hubby installed R-13 insulation in walls and ceiling. The only area not insulated is the doors and that is a large area because they are huge double doors but they face east so not much heat on that side.

Fire resistant wall board on walls

Light weight 3/8 wallboard on ceilings because the other was just too heavy for us to install!!

Hubby added 3/4 plywood to the cheap floor it came with

Tiled with heavy ceramic tile for flooring

We installed a rather small A/C unit up high ( see pics) works great.

We have a old squirrel cage blower purchased from the squirrel cage blower grave yard at a local Heating and cooling place ( $40.00) It is on the outside of the shed and ducted over to the work table. Hubby wired it with three speeds. I usually use it on high.

We installed a 10" hydroponics replacement air fan to the middle of the table bringing in fresh air.

It gets 120 here frequently and it stays very cool with the A/C set at 75.
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