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Originally Posted by Firemagic View Post
Squid, sorry, I didnít realize you are a glass chemist and know everything there is to know about this glass. How stupid of me to think that I could go by what the Devardi people say on the site, and by my own experience. It is just ridiculous of me to think that the chemical composition of glass could change if you heat the snot out of it, which could lead to problems. I should just go by your reasoning, even though you likely have never used this glass.

And Hayley, if you donít have the time to learn how to use the glass properly, why did you buy it? And why are you spending all this time posting your long spiel about how much trouble it causes if your time is so valuable? And why are so many other people using the glass without the problems you experience? It all sounds fishy, just like it did last year when you guys jumped on the Devardi people right from the start and tried to hurt them anyway you could.

And yes, I can read what went on last year without signing up. What a brilliant summation that was.

This thread was created for one purpose and one purpose only, to hurt the Devardi People. You were upset when this glass hit the market a year ago and now youíre upset because they are selling so much glass when other glass vendors are way down in sales. But it isnít going to do any good. Too many people love the glass, obviously. And too many people see right through what you are doing, just like they did a year ago and bought the glass despite your false insistence that it isnít good glass.
Gosh, I guess that of all the glass in the world that lampworkers use somehow ONLY Devardi glass gets it's COE changed when flameworked. Huh, that is amazing.

It's not my reasoning - it's the collective reasoning of the experience of many lampworkers.

I don't give a flying fuck if half the lampworkers in the world want to use Devardi. I have not made a single negative comment about the glass or the people selling it in this thread - my only comments have been related to a completely asinine assertion that overheating the glass in the flame causes cracking. It's real convenient to be able to blame something that no one can prove every time someone posts about their beads cracking.

If you really expect people to believe that BS, you should be able to supply the temp at which this happens. Since you seem to believe that the information on the Devardi site is coming from a glass chemist, surely this brilliant person would be able to provide that info, huh?

I won't hold my breath waiting.

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