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Thanks for comment. The fume hood would not do any better than the system I have in place. My old fume hood system and this one are the same as far as extraction.

Only individual person 5 sided Barley boxes with a large front baffle might have been better but I wanted an open space and lots of arm room. I have used that smaller Barley box system before and it was waaay too cramped for me to work in plus it caused too much flame movement when I got the CFMS high enough to extract fumes well.

I have had several kinds of hoods over the years and have tested and used them all. This new one is actually pretty terrific. Even though I do not rely on it alone but also use replacement air brought up into the middle of the table and I wear the full face respirator.

I saw a video clip once done with special filming that showed the fumes and where they actually went the minute the rod had a gather on it and was put into the flame. Once it interrupted the flame the fumes rolled backwards toward the lamp workers face and over the lamp workers shoulders. Didn't matter about the hood, some of the fumes got away. Do this for 20 beads and 3-8 hours and well you get the idea.

That was an eye opener for me.

The minute the air was disturbed in and around the torch area in any way with movement fumes left the capture area. I have tried to find that video clip but it's not forthcoming.
I always wear a full face respirator. That is what I use to make sure NO fumes reach my lungs, eyes, nose etc. because I know there is not a system on the planet that can actually extract ALL of the fumes.

Too many leaving us from cancer not to make the connection.

It doesn't matter how great your capture system is. Some fumes are always going to be there.

To all of the newbies reading this, build what you can and what you can afford, Do what you can to remove the fumes and understand that this hobby deals with poisonous fumes and please always use a respirator and always have lots of fresh replacement air.

Have fun with your new hobby but play it safe.
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