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I installed a compressed air system on my torch.
I used a medical nebulizer (makes about 9lpm at 30psi, way overkill so I used a relief valve), a needle valve, a check valve, a relief valve, and some brass fittings. The nebulizer flows into a brass tee that has the 15psi relief valve installed (keeps the nebulizer from burning out when maximum air is not being used). From there through the inline needle valve, through the inline check valve, and into a tee at the fuel line. The air comes out a little 'pulsed' due to the way the nebulizer works but I really like the control it gives me. It provides a cool, bushy flame on a Bobcat that could not be achievable otherwise and allows me to work more thin, hollow stuff. I wired it with a foot switch for convenience.

Got the idea here on LE so I'm paying it forward.
The next experiment is to see if I can use the nebulizer to boost my 10lpm oxycon pressure while still running 9lpm out of it.
Imagine, an oxycon flowing 9lpm at 30psi for the price of a nebulizer (about $50)....
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