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You will want lots of lighting.

I use some yellow(ish) work lights. {I happened to have two smaller 400 watt work lights when I started.}

I also have one of those adjustable arm round magnifier lights in a middling blue / white color.

AND then I put a fluorescent 18 inch stick light in my vent hood just over my face.

The last two lights give me a round circle and a straight line reflection on my glass and those really help me see how round my bead is regardless of the color of the glass.

Make sure your incoming "make up air" is coming from somewhere at least 10 feet from where your vent is dumping the out going exhaust fumes other wise you can wind up sucking back in the gases you were trying to get rid of.

I don't know where you live but a small fan to cool you off as well as some source of personal heater to keep you warm are good ideas too.

My bench is right in front of a window that I crack open to bring in "make up air" but in the winter my hands get cold so I set up one or two infrared heater lights and they make a world of difference without heating air that is going to go out the vent with the fumes.

Also a heater under bench pointed at my legs helps too.
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