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Nice setup in the trailer Lorraine, was cool to see the transformation! I’m familiar with a barley box so I will build one and attach that to my desk and then put a piece of plywood in the window I guess and run an inline fan and duct out the window. I definitely can’t work with a respirator unless it just for a minute to fume or something. I was lucky when I was working production I was in a fully set up in a professional studio someone else built so I didn’t have to worry about the ventilation setup. My first home setup before I worked in the studio I worked in a shed and installed a giant hardwired 2,500 cfm attic fan and it pulled a lot of air. I didn’t have a hood though so I may have taken a few years off my life but it passed the smoke test with flying colors. Luckily I live on the California central coast so nights are always in the 50s or 60s and it doesn’t get too hot in the shed studio during the day unless we have a heat wave so I don’t have to worry about A/C or ever having to shut the door when I’m working due to freezing cold weather so I will always have the door and back window open to pull in fresh air.

Will a 800-1,000 cfm hydroponic inline fan be suitable or does it have to be a more powerful squirrel cage style fan?
I found some fans like this that I can connect to the ducting and they look a little more lightweight than a squirrel cage and they plug in to an outlet as well.
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