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Default Beginner question on torch and O2 selection.

Hi all,

Sorry for any noob questions in advance .

First, I am looking for suggestions on what torch I should get for starting out on scientific lampwork for borosilicate.
Second, I am looking for suggestions on what oxygen system, tanked of concentrator, I should use.

Full Details:
My main purpose for the torch will be in building a vacuum tight laser tube. The project involves only borosilicate tubing, joining tubes together, making Tee joints, tungsten wire feedthroughs. Tubing sizes would mainly be 10mm OD x 2mm wall, a little with 8mm OD x 1mm ID capillary, and a maximum tube size of 50mm OD x 2mm wall.

I have not done any lampwork before this, I've only done a little experimentation to see if I could finish this project cheaply with only using simple hand propane torches, however it appears they just don't get hot enough to sufficiently finish Tee joints. Unless anyone knows of a good hot head (is that the right term?) that would work.

This is mostly a one off project, so I do not anticipate doing a whole lot of lampwork, but I do want to get an appropriate setup so that I can successfully complete the task.

Because I will not be using this system a lot, I do want to keep the cost seasonably low (if I can keep the full torch setup (torch, hose, regulators, O2) <$1k), So I am looking to get something a little above the minimum requirement.

For the first part of the question.
Right now I am looking at the Nortel mega minor, Bethlehem - Alpha, GTT bobcat or cricket. I'm open to opinions on which of these which of these will work best or if there are better options.
And as an additional consideration, I may try to do a little work with quartz, so it would be a bonus if they could work it also.

The second part of the question, should I use tanked oxygen or an oxygen concentrator. I think tanked oxygen could more easily provide more oxygen for more heat for working the few larger tubing, but oxygen concentrators might have less complexity from regulators and refilling. So the main question is what O2 system do you guys thing would be best for the appropriate torches for my infrequent use.

Sorry for the large essay here, I tried to give enough information, but I'm sure I forgot something. Let me know any other questions.
Any help and suggestions would help.
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