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I assume you have studies methods of sealing tungsten with glass?
What type of optical window are you using? Quartz to glass seal is a bigger technical problem. Consider obtaining a pre-mounted quartz window (in a metal frame?) & glue, O-ring, etc this to the end of your tube.
How are you aligning the mirrors in the tube?

If you are considering high power laser, you will need water cooling coils in the tube – this will greatly increase glass working skills (& require kiln annealing).

If you are making a simple laser – no cooling coils, glass loops, etc, (my next comment is contriversal with many lampworkers) flame annealing is sufficient (Note: I did a 1 year scientific glass working course in the 1970’s, only used flame annealing & still have the items I kept – including condenser, flasks, etc) See flame annealing - Lampwork Etc. #27 & my thread Annealing, Glass Specs & Kilns - Lampwork Etc.,

Torch: I use a Herdie (a scientific glass blowing torch), I am not familiar with the above torches. Your torch should give a flame width equal to the tubing diameter you plane to use & go down to a very small flame, ideally to 3 – 4mm (1/8 inch), mine will do about 2mm diameter.

Oxycon/tank: I use an ocycon (10 lpm) but my torch is very oxygen hungry & had to add a reservoir/refill system. Oxycon deliver 96% O2 (at best) & many drop O2 % as you approach 10 lpm. 96% is sufficient for your seals, etc, but don’t go lower (100% is a hotter flame & I can tell the difference when I use tank).
For you, I suggest hiring tank & purchase reg. Have you considered hiring a studio? They will also have an annealer (but is it big enough for you laser?)

Final comment:
CO2 gas laser will not be a problem with your metal/glass seals, but if you are using smaller atoms like helium, neon (or experimental, like hydrogen/ gas mix? Gutsy) or using inert gas under pressure – your metal/glass seals need to be really good.

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