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Originally Posted by rckeyes View Post
I would like to add that I do not claim to have developed this technique. There are other ways to make a wavey bead. This is how I do it.

1. Start by making a disk about 1 inch in diameter. For this Tutorial I used SS5.

TIP: - Try to make your disk layers as skinny as possible. More layers will add to the depth of the bead and make your end result that much more interesting. I try to have atleast 5 layers or more in the disk.

2. Next, using a 6mm clear rod place a fairly large dot on the disk (does not matter which side you start on).

TIP: - Hold your mandrel perpendicular to the flame so that the disk is parrallel with the flame. Once you place your dot pull your rod toward the flame and flame cut just above the disk. (See Picture)

Place another dot the same size directly opposite of the first one.

Now place another dot inbetween the first two.

TIP: - DO NOT - touch the mandrel with the dots.
DO NOT - Let the dots touch each other.
Make your dots as large as possible without doing the above.

3. Perform the above procedure on the other side of the disk placing the dots inbetween the ones on the other side.

TIP: - These clear dots (When melted) will travel across the face of the bead creating the wave pattern. The larger the dot, the farther across the face it will travel.

TIP: - When placing dots on the face of the disk, wait for a second before pulling it towards the flame to flame cut. This will ultimatly leave more glass where you placed the dot.

4. Your next step is to melt everything down into a bead.

TIP: - When you first begin to melt down your wavey bead start by melting the tips of the dots where you flame cut them. After these are all melted down and even with the edge of the disk you can get more aggressive with the melt down.

Here is a pic before encasing it with clear

Here is a pic after encasing it with clear

Here is another example using a 3 color twistie.

1. Make your disk.

2. Apply your dots.

3. Melt it all down.

Before encasing.

After Encasing.

Final TIP: - Soft glass moves much different than Boro. Soft glass users will want to slow down the melt down. You may have to pull it out of the flame and let it cool for a few seconds, pull it out of the flame and let it cool for a few seconds, pull it out of the flame and let it cool for a few seconds, You get the idea. If you are using soft glass and you end up with a big blob and dont get that unmistakable wave pattern then your prorobably melting to fast!

I hope this helps some of the people out there that have struggled with this technique. Please post your questions and your pics.

Happy melting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fabulous! Thank you! I am going to give this a go.
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