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Originally Posted by jsknow4445 View Post
I have a pate de verre class coming up in October at AAE glass with Alicia Lomne. I have always admired that process - looking forward to learning more.
Evelyn Gottschall Baker is also teaching "A non-traditional approach to pate de verre" there in Jan.

I love the look of the silver glasses but I have zero experience with them and the cost makes me reluctant to try - but I do have a sampler pack of DH colors that I should experiment with. Do have favorite tutorials that use DH?

It was Alicia's class in England a few years ago that got me started! i was so keen, I went with my arm in a sling having broken my collar bone about a week before! She is a brilliant teacher (even for the one-armed!).

Silver glass is addictive, once you get the hang of it. The tutorials and links on the DH website are a great start; and I have a tutorial by Anouk Jasperse - she's very good. When I started, I used it as stringer a lot, to eke it out. Moira
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