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Petra............did you put some clear between the striking orange and Clio?
I'm just asking to rule out some mishaps.

I figured out that the initial color of the rod doesn't matter. The result will be the same.
It just shows different pulling cycles.

Maybe I'm not of any help here b/c I never used the white/orange base.
I like the deep transparent looking pink on Clio therefore I only used Clio and clear glass.
At no point do I reduce Clio. I'm using an oxidizing flame for the whole process. I' m striking the glass.

To find out if your Clio is working you can make a test bead in the following way.

Make a small barrel bead out of Clio. Heat it up until getting clear and let it cool down.
Reheat the barrel in the same oxidizing flame w/o getting it to an orange glow.
It will look nothing special at this point. Encase with clear and put it into your kiln.

For this set of beads I used 2 layers of Clio and 1 layer of clear glass to fill out the lentil press.
At the far right lentil you can spot a lightly undertone of amber.
It depends on the lighting.


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