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My glass storage is real simple. They're pvc pipe glued togeather on top of each other so that 4 form a square, stringer goes into the square hole next to its color rods. The big one is 12 rows wide and 18 rows high for a current total of 216 colors, the italian glass is mostly in this one. it only holds about 1 1/2 pounds of each color. The smaller one is 10 rows wide and 12 rows high for a total of 120 colors. Its almost perfectly half full. This one only holds about a pound of each color. Its supposed to hold the Check glass and the lauscha. but it only holds the lauscha because I have more than a pound of the colors of the check and prefer to keep it all togeather. So the Check (all three types), BE, olympic color rod, spectrum 96, satake, and odd lots I bought more than 5 lbs of live in dresser drawers Right now all the new glass brands (ask, cim, r4 and double helix) are sitting ontop of the larger rack.
I do not split up colors into different places. If there is too much to fit in the rack it goes in the dresser.
I tried to get the # of colors off my inventory database but it does not have that info. It has the number of rods, weight of total rods of a color and average weight of each rod only. <shrug> sorry. and I've no intention of counting it. It was bad enough counting and lableing it and putting it into the data base.

That should give you a very good idea of what my glass storage is.
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