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Old 2014-05-25, 6:02pm
chevygirl70 chevygirl70 is offline
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Location: Tucson, Arizona
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Question Shocky CROCUS CIM batch?

Ordered a 1/2 lb of that "come on you have to admit I'm the sexiest purple you've ever seen" Crocus CIM in February - from Frantz - whipped it out yesterday for the first time. What a sadomasochistic experience!!! Thought I would have to power wash my effin chair after trying to use this glass!!!! Despite my usual slow warming at the tippy top of the flame like I do with every rod I work with and slowly massage it into the heat - the Crocus rod freakin' exploded all over hell in literally seconds in spits and chunks. The pile of stubby $&!* left all over my damned bench also continued to break whenever introduced in the top part of the flame with my tungsten tweezers - WTH??? I could not even punty it to clear to even use any of it!!!! Now, I admit, an ex-boyfriend said I had "cold hands" but jeez, I'm beginning to think this glass is truly psycho!!!!

Anyone else experience this with Crocus in general (I've never splurged on this expensive stuff before) - or maybe gotten a batch from February 2014 - by any vendors - and had the same "shocking" experience? (Maybe that's why there appears to be a shortage of it now based upon the other post I've seen in this section about seeking Crocus.)
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Old 2014-05-27, 2:24pm
dianeconroy's Avatar
dianeconroy dianeconroy is offline
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Location: Iowa
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I posted in your other thread also that I too have experienced this with crocus the shatter, shatter again. I just warm it in the kiln a bit, (just the end) and that has solved the problem. Somewhat a pain but the color is worth it IMO
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Old 2014-05-27, 3:35pm
fyregallerie fyregallerie is offline
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Posts: 69

yep happens with chai too sadly plus its dangerous
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Old 2014-05-27, 5:41pm
Ravenesque Ravenesque is offline
Join Date: Sep 22, 2009
Posts: 1,202

I can see it happening since CIM is handpulled, and crocus is an opal (opalino). I had found some rods of Peace lately that were unusable.
....Which is ironic as I said I would never use another white other than peace after my violently shocky batches of effetre & vetro white.
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Old 2014-05-27, 9:25pm
chevygirl70 chevygirl70 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 04, 2011
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 173

Thank you so much for the posts back and the suggestion. I wasn't sure if Crocus normally acted like this or if the vendors were maybe getting calls/emails from folks about a recent batch that just went wrong. - I was at a loss on how to try to use it other than make frit of it. Thanks again.
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Old 2014-05-29, 6:41am
Hourglassbeads's Avatar
Hourglassbeads Hourglassbeads is offline
Did someone say Oddlot?
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Location: Spokane Valley Washington
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Every once in a great while I get a rod like that. I think I read somewhere it was caused by a long tube of air that gets trapped in the middle. You can see it too.
Feeling your pain!
Sometimes I just let my frustration go as I pop the entire rod, & say a few choice words
A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied - Irish Proverb
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