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Old 2019-06-08, 9:53am
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Default Direct comparison of bobcat vs alpha

Hey hows it going, just recently started lampworking. So ive started renting time at a shop in town and ive been working boro on a gtt cricket. Now a friend who works their just got a phantom and i asked him if hed sell me his bobcat and he said with the top marver hed sell it 2 me for 200. I feel like thats not that good of a deal and than itll cost me another 50 to get it refurbished. But ive been looking at the bethelem alpha. And have heard its an awesome torch but ive seen iys kinda sold as a veadmakers torch and was wondering if you guys think for 260 id be better with a brandnew alpha with marver or w50 for refurbished gtt bobcat with a nice marver
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Old 2019-06-08, 10:14am
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I think a Bobcat and an Alpha give you similar firepower. Not sure I would pay 200 for a used Bobcat and marver. Shipping and refurb costs to GTT are almost that much. A new Bobcat is $195, but can tend to be out of stock frequently. I see Alpha's at Mountain Glass for $210. And if you want a marver, those would be additional.

The Bobcat has a narrower, more focused flame. The Alpha has a longer, wider flame. I just switched off from my Bobcat to an Alpha, both on an M15 concentrator. I make mostly soft glass beads. I am still learning the Alpha, but don't notice a lot of difference other than the shape of the flame.
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