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Old 2020-09-15, 2:52pm
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Default Chili pepper kiln not heating! Help!

So I'm right in the middle of a few projects and of course my jen-ken chili pepper kiln decided to quit heating. I have heard it's the relays, so I ordered some relays. I'm an electrician by trade, so I put 12v to the relays and found that they change state with a meter. Then I get the LAG code which means the TC isn't heating up, so the contactor drops out and it drops power off of the element. So then I decided to put my heat gun inside the kiln and now as long as the TC is coming up in temp, I can measure 118v going to the heating element but the element never turns red after at least 5-10 min of waiting. So does that mean my heating element is bad? I will admit, I have a small torch (GTT Lynx) and I often use my kiln just to keep a piece evenly heated, so I constantly stop the kiln and refire it up to max temp to basically use as a heater since my torch doesn't supply a big enough flame and I constantly get pieces cracking and breaking. I have less than 100 firings with this kiln and just got it in february. I was going to call jen-ken today but they closed before I had a chance to call. Sorry if this has been addressed, but with a quick search I couldn't find this exact problem. Really need my kiln back! Thanks in advance for any help!
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Old 2020-09-15, 4:18pm
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Call them in the morning, they are very helpful.

I can't answer your questions, as that is all out of my wheelhouse.
I have had to change the relays once, and the thermo couple once, but they helped me figure out what the issue was.

If you are turning it off and on in one session, why not leave it on? It doesn't pull that much electricity to keep it warm, vs heating from scratch over and over.
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Old 2020-09-16, 3:17am
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Sounds to me like it is either the element or the power source for it, which I think is going to be a Silicone Controlled Rectifier (SCR).

If you have done continuity testing of the element and it checked out good then is going to be the SCR.

But call the company.
They have a great reputation for troubleshooting over the phone.
Then you can get the part shipped at what ever speed you are willing to pay for and they will guide you through the installation steps if needed.

I have heard stories of total neophytes being guided through replacement of relay, elements and SCRs with great success.

As an electrician you will have no trouble at all.
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jen-ken, kiln, not heating, problem

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