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Customer Service Kiosk -- Questions for LE vendors.

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Old 2009-06-17, 5:50am
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I'll be happy to get the address to GTT for cleaning.
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Old 2009-06-17, 6:19pm
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Default I love GTT

Melodie, one of the guys probably told you that over the phone. That procedure is for clearing any build-up in the propane jets surrounding the injector tubes on the triple mix torches. The Bobcat is a standard mix surface mix torch and does not have injector tubes.

About torch cleaning...

It was a courtesy... and some people abused it

The free torch cleaning was done as a courtesy. It was never a stated policy and GTT never used it as a sales pitch. It was a courtesy, plain and simple.

Unfortunately, there were people who abused this courtesy:

There were people who would repeatedly send their torches in (like several times a year) for cleaning whether the torches needed cleaning or not.

There were some people who would send their torches in for a cleaning before selling them. Now, this isn't too bad, but there were some people who turned it into a side business - buying beat-up, neglected torches on the cheap, sending them in to GTT for a complete clean-up, and then turning around and selling those cleaned up torches for a tidy profit.

There were people who refused to run them correctly (purposely ran them incorrectly) and just relied on GTT to clean up after their abuse. There is even a teacher that I know who has told his students to disregard GTT's instructions and run their GTT torch however they wanted to and that GTT would clean them for free when they were all carboned up.

The list of abuses could go on, but I think you all get the point.

You Can't Please Everyone

And even when the service for cleaning was free of charge, it still wasn't good enough for some people:

Can you believe that there were still people yelling (yes, yelling) at GTT beause they (GTT) would not also pay for the shipping?

There were also people who would call GTT as soon as the torch was delivered for cleaning (sometimes before the box had arrived) and scream (yes, scream) that it had better be done in a hurry and rushed back to them ASAP. Oh, and interestingly, some of those people would opt for the slowest shipping method for return, which brings me to the next group.

There were people who would opt for the slowest shipping method possible, but then complain that the cleaning took an incredibly long time. The cleaning itself could have taken a week or two, but when you add the slow boat to China shipping option, your time without the torch could possibly be a month. This isn't the fault of GTT and it isn't fair to say that it took a month for GTT to clean your torch. No, it took about a week or maybe two for GTT to clean your torch and the rest was taken by the shipping method you chose. Sometimes it can take longer than two weeks, but that doesn't happen often (only when they are very backed up). This is why it is always best to call ahead before sending it in.

Cleaning Torches Costs Time and Money

It isn't "free" for GTT to clean a torch. There are expenses involved:

Someone has to receive the torch, open the box, examine the contents and read any notes, and create a work order.

The torch is examined and run for diagnostics. It is checked for any damage, wear, or leaks.

The cleaning process itself takes time and the worker cleaning the torch expects to be paid for his time on the job. This step alone can take several hours depending on how badly the torch has been neglected/abused.

The torch is run again and checked.

The torch has to be re-packed. Sometimes, fresh packing material is needed if the original packing material is unsuitable.

Payment for return shipping has to be secured and the torch gets sent back to its owner.

The bottom line is that there is a lot of time involved in the process and with more and more GTTs out in the world, the more torches come back for cleaning. If you have 100 torches out there and say 1% comes back for cleaning, that's only one torch. But, if you sell more torches and have 1000 torches out there and 1% comes back for cleaning, that's 10 torches. It goes on from there and it adds up.

In the past, GTT would clean torches as they could fit the work in. Now, there are enough out there that more are coming in for cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc., and it is becoming almost a full-time job. So, with charging for the cleanings, it's covering the cost for the person GTT now has doing the cleanings and repairs. This allows for a shorter turn-around time to better serve their customers.

Oddly enough, out of all the GTT torches out there, and with the free cleaning that was available in the past, there have been very few Bobcats sent back in to GTT for cleaning... very few. They are not high maintenance. If you run them correctly, they are low maintenance.
I have 2 Lynx, 1 cricket, 1 phantom....GTT has been wonderful with questions, serving, ANYTHING WE NEED!!! They are one of the most customer friendly companies I have ever worked with!! I won't buy a torch from anyone else...ever!!! Thanks GTT!!! Karen Crown
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Karen C
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