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Old 2022-06-21, 3:47am
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Default Question about what’s needed to add Bunsen Burner

So I am thinking very seriously about ordering either a Bunsen Burner to add to my setup to keep my work heated and from cracking or having to put into the kiln For 15 mins every few mins, but im not sure what else Ill need to order along with it to add it into my setup. I already have a Y Splitter connection that has valves on it to open and close. What else will i need? Just some fuel line, or what? Also, i was considering buying the Smith Little Torch instead of the bunsen just bcuz it is never in stock on MGA, but they just came back in stock. Whaich one do u all think I should go with, & what bunsen burner do you all suggest for working boro? Thanks in advance
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Old 2022-07-06, 8:41am
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A hand torch can be used as a Bunsen but the Smith is a bit small for that. Have you considered a National 3B?
It gives you several tip choices and you'll likely find one that can give a bushy, annealing flame and can still sharpen down to a point for sealing welds and such. A small change in workflow may be required but many find it worthwhile to use this approach.

Anyway, the Bunsen just needs a gas line (split-off or dedicated) with a valve before the Bunsen to shut off or reduce flow. It has controls at the burner for combustion. Also, a fireproof-sheathed gas line is recommended since it is usually laying across a workbench top where hot glass can land on it.
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