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Old 2014-10-24, 8:25am
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Default Need help with ventilation for new studio!!!


I finalized my new studio but I need help with the ventilation part. When I start the torch, my flame is dancing around du to the make up air. Here are the details and my questions will follow..

- New isolated 8x10 shed (I'm living in Montreal so with extrême climate conditions).
- Torch: Minor bench burner ( new to me as I used a hot head until now) with oxy concentrator.
- I'm using soda lime glass for beads only and plan on using frits with proper mask eventually.
- Fan: I have a Fantech 8xl fan in galvanized steel with 521 CFM and 2600 RPM (which I believe translate in 5449 FPM (formula 2600x8inchesx0.262).
- I'm respecting the 10 feet rule between intake and outtake.
- Make up air:8 inches ( same as fan) with soft isolated tubing and placed under the bench behind the torch.

You can see all that in my studio pictures album.

My questions:

1. I think my fan is way to strong for the size of the room. I tried to set it up half way and it reduced the dancing flame but not enough to be workable. I did the encens test with the torch on with this set up and it worked fine. With the fan I have, is that ok to use it half way? Is the smoke test enough to confirm?

2. With the set up I mentionned, I steel feel a negative pressure when opening the door. Once the door is open, the fan kicks in a little bit. Is it normal to feel that or does that mean my air intake is not sufficient?

3. Any suggestion to reduce the dancing flame? I have a window behind me but it creates a draft and it's a lot worse. Also, this is not ideal with cold winter conditions which is why I installed the air intake closer to the outtake.

I'm a bit discourage by th fact that this set up seems like never ending.....Ive been waiting for a few months now and cannot wait to start again in a safe and functionnal studio....

Thanks for your help!
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Old 2014-11-16, 8:11am
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Mary Lockwood
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I think you are getting turbulence from having the make up air behind the torch and too close to the vent but that's just what I see in my head without a real pic of your set up.

You wouldn't have to open that window very much at all to get a good draw. When you say it's causing a draft when you try it...did you block off the fresh air intake behind the torch when you gave the window a try? If you opened the window, turned on the fan AND left that intake open it wouldn't give you a true result. It would actually be worse.

As far as heating goes, I live in a cold area, too. The trick is to heat yourself, not the room. Radiant heat will warm you and you won't waste energy trying to heat the air. Something as simple as clamp lights with heat bulbs got me through my first winter but there are lots of nicer radiant options.

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Old 2015-02-16, 2:15pm
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Your tubing may be giving you a false sense of the volume of air you are moving into and out of your studio.

Soft tubing has a wrinkled surface and the wrinkles can reduce the amount of air flow by almost 60 % so your fan is essentially pulling air in through a soda straw and working very hard to do that.

Turbulence is a matter of smoothing the flow of air. If it is coming around from directly behind you it is going to have eddies and side currents flicking the flame back and forth.

After looking at your pictures in your photo album I can see that you are trying to get your make up air to make some seriously sharp bends right in the area where your torch is burning.

My first thought is to setup a 2 x 10 inch board across the back edge of your sheet metal work area. this will create a baffle that will force your air flow off to both sides but it might still not be tall enough to reduce the flame flutter your getting.

Next thought would be to split the single vent and move it to the sides of the bench against either wall. Better yet, just move the one vent you have to one side at the wall and add a second tube and vent at the other wall. ( Those insulated crinkle type ducts really cut the air movement through them by huge amounts) You can use the round to rectangular floor grate kits instead of the round diffuser and stack a short 4 inch shelf over the vent to continue using the bench space.

One other thought would be to back the torch up from the exhaust duct work by a foot or so as well.

Right now you have a wicked tornado coming up through the round diffuser in the bench surface and whipping around trying to get into the exhaust vent and it is moving too fast to make that turn.

Good luck with this a remember that turbulence is caused by not having a smooth and gentle path flow through.
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