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Beads of Courage

Old 2005-09-08, 9:16pm
Crickets Beads Crickets Beads is offline
Join Date: Sep 05, 2005
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Smile Equipment Questions

I have just completed a beginner course with the lampworking beads. I really have the bead bug and am anxious to get going. Now I need some equipment and your advise.

Torch - I plan on buying a Nortel Minor but wish to use some boro in the near future for some beads. My husband is interested in glass blowing, eggs, perfume bottles etc and would likely get a Nortel Midrange

Kiln - What type/brand with a digital would you suggest for soft glass beads with some boro beads and possibly pendents? What temperature is needed for boro?

Concentrator - I just cannot see up with an oxygen tank, and we are thinking of a concentrator - will this work? I have read that many love the Integra 10 but this comes from USA, can you get this in Canada? What about reconditioned units - would two work? Any thoughts? What would work with a Minor and Midrange?

Right now I feeling frustrated and I hope this makes some sort of sense to you. My first time ever posting!! I have just been reading and reading all the posts and marvelling at the talents of you all.

Thanks for your help.

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Old 2005-09-09, 4:36am
MikeAurelius's Avatar
MikeAurelius MikeAurelius is offline
Join Date: Jun 10, 2005
Location: Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
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The temperatures for soft glass and boro are only about 1-200 degrees apart, so this is usually not a problem. You indicate that you are in Canada, right now, the only "approved" kiln that can be resold in Canada appears to be the RANA kiln, sold by my company. I got this information direct from Jean at Nortel. They brought in kilns from all the manufacturers, and the RANA kiln was the only kiln that met all the exacting standards of the Canadian electrical code: the current draw was 12 amps or less, it was wired to code, etc. If you want this kiln, please contact Jean at Nortel and I'm sure she would be happy to take care of you on this.

Additionally, Jean can also take care of you with the concentrator. I believe she purchases them direct from Paulette at SunCoast Beads.

Truly, Jean can take your hand and lead you through the great morass of information that is out there. Good luck to you!

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Old 2005-09-10, 8:53pm
Crickets Beads Crickets Beads is offline
Join Date: Sep 05, 2005
Posts: 55

Thanks Mike - you are sooooooooo helpful, I will check with Jean.
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Old 2005-09-10, 9:20pm
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loco loco is offline
The Crazy One
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Gayle, The Carsilie Mini CC is a much hotter and better torch for starting than a minor. I just spent 4 days on a mini cc and came home with one to replace my minor. The price is fairly close to a minor, you may want to check it out.

A minor will work on 1 concentrator (Not for boro) where you should have 2 with a mini cc.
Still crazy after all these years...
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