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Glacial Art Glass

Old 2017-02-25, 8:37am
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Default Settings for a National 8M torch.

I am not able to get much color out of silver glasses or raku. I have my propane set at 5. I have adjusted my propane and oxygen. I dont know if Im doing something wrong or what it is. I just burned through 3 rods of clio trying to get the colors that Ive seen other people get
Ive reduced, reheated, cooled. tried everything I could find suggestions on..sometimes I can get some color. But not the eye popping, show stopping that Im suppose to get.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I bought a minor a while ago when it looked like my daughter was going to take more interest. Im going to hook that up and see.

Any suggestions or links where I can do some more reading would be so appreciated.

I have a national 8m with a 7 SM tip i believe. and my concentrator is 20lpm.

Edited to add. I have a M15 concentrator and here is a pic of neutral flame. Which to me, looks perfect.

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