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Old 2017-11-24, 9:25pm
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Default Recommended Oxy Concentrator for a mega minor?

Hi folks,
Does anyone have any oxygen concentrator recommendations (PSI, LPM, brand?) for a mega minor torch? I recently got my new torch but the area I live in doesn't have a wealth of tanked oxygen options available that will allow me to do regular rental, refill, or pickups. I'm working exclusively with soft glass. Also is there any extra equipment I'd need? Thank you for any advice!
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Old 2017-11-24, 10:07pm
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Sundance lists everything you will need and the torch requirements. They also sell the concentrators.
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Old 2017-11-25, 4:59am
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I also suggest looking for used oxygen concentraters on Craigs List or any of the others.

Often someone that used one for medical needs will pass over the bridge and their family wind up with one that they really can't do anything with.

It would have to be re-certified to use for medical purposes again and then the next user would still need a prescription from a doctor so they often wind going for $200 to $700 in the want ads.

Shop around.

I had 4 of the 5lpm units shipped to me in Minnesota from Detroit when a hospital decided they were too old to have recertified for $50 each and $50 each shipping back in 2007 and then I found a 10lpm unit locally for $200 from someone moving out of the country in 2009 as well as a 10lpm unit with a tank filling compressor for $600 in 2012.
We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other.

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