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Old 2016-03-29, 6:01am
unrealcoza unrealcoza is offline
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Default drama with 2 hot heads

Hi guys, my names corey. Im from australia. My wife and I have been making beads for the last 1.5 years on and off.

My wifes torch started to malfunction.(flame getting bigger without turning the dial on the Hot head. Also flames coming out of the little holes around the torch).

So i decided to buy a new one, and from the get go, the flame on the new torch isnt right. It burns like a bunsen burner?? It is the same set up like my other torch. Ive tried swapping hoses and gas bottles.( im using LPG gas).

I have done some reading and I might need a adapter or 2 for it, BUT i dont have an adapter on my torch that is still going strong? recommends these adaptors.

Adaptor F276130
Adaptor A2 (Fuel)

Thanks for any help, I am a little bit lost atm.

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Old 2016-03-29, 11:24am
De Anza Art Glass Club De Anza Art Glass Club is offline
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First, those adapters are only required if you can't find a way to connect your fuel source to the hothead with locally available parts. You have already done this, so the parts are not necessary in your case.

I believe flames coming out of the holes is a symptom of low pressure. Combined with the inconsistent flame, suggests that you might have liquid in your hoses.

I'm not sure what to say about the incorrect flame. I have heard that the "newer" hot head version (as in past ten or fifteen years new rather than five years new) have less sensitive valves that are harder to control from fully open. I would suggest getting a throttle valve (a needle valve for metering flow as opposed to a disc or gate valve) and using that in combination with the torch valve.

Otherwise, try information from the inventor of the hot head at . I have recently heard that the Technical Information links on the site are not working, but when I tried it the same day, it worked for me, but is not working right now, so I guess there are some intermittent problems with the site. In any case, the site says to email her (Cindy Jenkins) with questions. Before someone disputes the "inventor" part and says that hot heads are available from many sources, the hot head body is a common brazing or plumber's torch, but from what I can tell, Cindy Jenkins has modified an internal part (the orifice plate) to make the orifice indented and also add a mesh strainer screen. This modified version comes in a box with a yellow "Hot Head" label.

Note: the current Hot Head instructions may say not to disassemble the Hot Head. I have heard some newer models have thread locking compound, but do not have that experience first hand.

From the Hot Head site:

Warranty: Conditions for free replacement of your Hot Head Bead Torch:
If You are the original owner and the torch is no more than 5 years old.
If the Hot Head failed due to errors in design, manufacturing or was damage in shipping.

Please call or email us if you have any problem with your Hot Head. We are here for you and will assist technically in any way we can.
We will happily replace your Hot Head if it has a problem which originates with its design, manufacture or shipping. We willing supply
guidance for maintaining, troubleshooting, cleaning or moving your Hot Head to a “bulk tank fuel delivery system”.

NOTE: Don't taking your Hot Head Torch apart, submerging it in any fluid, or subject it to any treatment designed to modify its behavior or
clean it. This can damage the torch and will negate this warranty. Call us first.

International customers: Sorry, We can not return international calls, only e-mails.

Last edited by De Anza Art Glass Club; 2016-03-29 at 11:29am.
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Old 2016-03-29, 2:22pm
unrealcoza unrealcoza is offline
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Join Date: Mar 29, 2016
Posts: 2

Thanks for that reply. I will look into that when i get home.

The torch that burns like a bunsen burner, the top doesnt unscew like my other 2.

My other 2 torches come in a white box with a yellow sticker.
I rang the lady i bought the extra one from she said there not under warranty and i have to fix it my self....

Thanks again.

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